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Completely Custom, 100% Proven


 Generate 70% more revenue with a personalized review of your Website & SEO

Designed to get more from your website—from quick wins, to long-term growth. Each audit provides insight into these areas:

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO


Off-Page SEO


Technical SEO





Our Approach



Here’s something most SEO companies won't tell you: SEO is vastly different from industry to industry. And believe it or not, every search on Google has a unique set of ranking signals.

With this comes the need for a custom approach specific to your business model, goals, audience, and competition. SEO in 2018 requires more than a checklist. 

User Focused

Gone are the days when keywords determined an SEO strategy. Google now uses machine learning to assess the relevancy of a web page and the intent behind a search query. All so it can measure the user satisfaction of the pages it serves. 

So while keywords and meta data are still important, a revenue-generating website in 2018 is optimized around user experience first. That's the difference between our approach and the other services you'll find online.



Search engines are getting smarter, are you? By leveraging our access to some of the brightest minds in SEO and online marketing, we’ve developed a process and framework that is tried-and-true. 

This in-house methodology blends proven SEO strategies with website best practices to address 250+ checkpoints on, and off, your website.


Our audits are performed with sales in mind, not just traffic. Because traffic to your website doesn’t necessarily mean results for your business. That's why our experts obsess over your business goals and not vanity metrics like keyword rankings.

Because at the end of the day, we don’t want ALL the traffic—we want traffic that is meaningful to your business. Our team will audit your website with your target audience in mind, ensuring specific and relevant recommendations. 


Long Lasting 

Although we’ll more than likely discover quick wins, SEO is a long-term play for your business. So while part of what you will receive is a detailed report outlining step-by-step, actionable improvements, you’re also getting high-level strategy and tactics for your business' long-term growth


"Their work has already made a significant difference. We’ve seen over 50% increase in quote requests along with a huge increase of leads coming via our web-forms they incorporated into the new site."

Frederick T. Moss
Vice President, Advanced Print Technologies

"We at BankRI have seen a strong increase in digital clicks, conversions, and contacts since the beginning of our partnership."

Steven Parante
Senior Vice President, BankRI

"In choosing a digital marketing firm, it was important to us to look for a firm that fit with our company culture. We knew we needed a team that was communicative, collaborative, creative, and collegial. We found the perfect fit in Trailblaze."

Jeffrey J. LaValley
Community Relations Manager, Community VNA

Great team to work with! Highly recommended! 

Shawn Fagan
President, Fagan Door
SEM  Rush
Google Search Console
Screaming Frog
Google Analytics

We figured you might ask...

Each SEO & Website Audit is fully customized to the needs of your business, industry, and website. We don't rely on automated tools, we perform each audit 100% manually. With that said, most audits are generally completed within 10 business days.

We certainly can, but it's your choice. Your roadmap will include the exact services we recommend for your business. Each section will be itemized so you can prioritize what makes sense for your business. 

Quality, personalization, and strategy. Free tools (and frankly every other digital marketing agency) automate their entire process. There are no search engine marketing experts or strategists (humans) involved. There's also very little customization, and your industry, business model, target audience, and competition are left unaccounted for. User experience, user intent, and content (three major ranking signals in 2018) are also generally left untouched.

We provide an in-depth report outlining our exact recommendations and suggested next steps (your roadmap). We also include a checklist detailing everything our team covered (which can be used for future audits). You and your team also get a 1-hour strategy call to review our findings, answer questions and advise you on next steps. 

The cost of an audit starts at $500. It largely depends on two things: the size of your website and the type of website (i.e. e-commerce, local business). If you decide to move forward with additional marketing services, we will put the cost of your audit towards those services. Fill out the form below for a free and fast quote. 

We guarantee our SEO & Website Audit will be accurate, actionable, and valuable. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee search rankings, traffic, or revenue. What we can guarantee is that we will use industry best practices to ensure your business is set up for success.

First, we schedule a call to gather the necessary credentials, including access to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and website CMS (if you choose to of course). Next, we gather important information about your industry, business model, target audience, business goals and more. We'll then dive deep into your website and begin the analysis. Once complete, a detailed report (see above) will be sent to you and your team. Lastly, we'll review our findings, answer any questions, and advise you on suggested next steps.

We look at everything a search engine and user would look at. This includes how well search engines can find, crawl, and add your website to its index, in addition to your site-wide on-page SEO, backlink profile, user experience, content, technical aspects like website speed and mobile friendliness, and much more. Our approach will largely depend on your goals, business model, industry, and more. 

How does your website stack up?

Is your website easily accessible, crawlable, and indexable by search engines?

  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap
  • Status Codes
  • Keyword Cannibalism
  • Mobile First Index
  • Duplicate Content

Does each page serve a purpose? Do they contain the necessary elements for optimal on-page optimization?

  • Optimized Meta Data (Title and Description)
  • Proper URL Structure
  • Header Tags
  • Media (Images & Video)
  • Readability
  • Content

Are there hidden technical issues affecting performance?

  • Site Speed
  • HTTPS Configuration
  • Responsiveness
  • Information Architecture
  • Schema Mark-up
  • Manual Actions

How authoritative, trustworthy, and popular is your website in the eyes of search engines and users?

  • Backlink Profile: Quality, Quantity, and Diversity
  • Anchor Text
  • Malicious Links
  • Reviews
  • Social Media Signals
  • Link Acquisition Strategy

Does your website support an amazing user experience? Are you serving user intent?

  • User Intent
  • Content Quality
  • Usability and Navigation
  • Design
  • Website Speed
  • Mobile Experience

What are your competitors doing, and how can you leverage this insight? Why are they ranking above you?

  • Content, Keyword, and Link Gaps
  • Authority
  • Positioning
  • User Experience
  • SWOT Analysis

If you're not at the top of Google, your competition is. Start ranking today.